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  • Competition is in week 29
  • Competitions in 4 rings
  • Enter up to 5 runs per day
  • Approximately 1500 starts per day
  • Follow Amendments of DKK
  • Saturday: Jutlandia Cup Final

Jutlandia Cup - Competition

Hund på balancen


Jutlandia Cup 2018 takes place Sunday 15th to Saturday 21th July 2018 at Guldager Idrætscenter near Esbjerg.

The competions take place on four courses, corresponding to approximately 1500 starts per day. To ensure many participates can attend the event, handlers are only allowed 5 starts per day.

The following classes are available:

  • Agility class 1, 2 and 3
  • Jumping class 1, 2 and 3
  • Open classes in either agility or jumping.
  • Seniors (the dog must be at least 7 years): Only class 2.
  • Juniors (the handler must be between 8 and 16 years): Only class 1.

The competitions are divided as follows:

  • Sunday, Tuesday and Friday: Agility/jumping classes and Agility open.
  • Monday and Thursday: Agility/jumping classes and Jumping open.
  • Wednesday is a rest day. Here is no ordinary competitions.
  • Saturday: Agility/jumping classes and finale (see below)

The Finals

Who can qualify for the final?

All dogs except seniors and juniors can qualify for the final. There is a final for small, medium and large dogs.

The 10 best small dogs, the 10 best medium dogs and the 25 best large dogs are qualified for the final.

How to qualify

Qualification is achieved via the open classes. The winner gets 1 point, second best gets 2 points ect. The two best agility and the best jumping results are added together to determinate the overall ranking. Only completed runs counts. Equipages with the lowest sum qualification for the final.

Winners of the open classes are automatically qualified for the final. If he/she is not already qualified, the number of participants in the finals are increased accordingly.


The competitions of Jutlandia Cup will be held in accordance with the regulations established by the DKK. You therefore have to accept the the Danish agility rules of DKK to participate.

  • Tail docked dogs and ear cropped dogs are not allowed to participate (see exceptions here)
  • The dog must be at least 18 months
  • The dog must be vaccinated against Parvo and Distemper
  • Foreign dogs must also be vaccinated against Rabies
  • The dog must have a Agility record book or a license issued by DKK or another FCI-approved kennel club. A record book for Agility can be bought at DKK for 80 danish kr .
  • In-whelp bitches and bitches with puppies younger than 8 weeks cannot participate
  • Bitches in season can participate. You must however reported it to the committee, which will hand over a red ribbon, which the dog must wear in the leash
  • Handlers must be a least 10 years old (juniors only 8 years old)
  • The dog insurance policy must include agility